La Rustica Pizza Ovens

Making Pizza – the Video

Reposted for our recipes section, here’s our original video of La Rustica boss Steve using his pizza oven to make the perfect pizza.

“I start by lighting the pizza oven – a few matches is all it needs to start the wood burning. The oven’s left for about 90 minutes to heat up. In the meantime, I get started preparing my fresh pizza dough (I got this batch from Alios in Epsom, but usually I make my own!) rolling out the dough into a rough circular shape and adding my toppings: tomato sauce and cheese. As you can see in the video, I keep all my toppings close by in the kitchen but this time I added some fresh mozzerella, a few olives and some capers.

When the oven’s ready, the pizza goes straight in – carefully, as by now the oven is about 400 degrees! I leave my pizzas in for one and a half to two minutes so they’re cooked and crispy throughout. Cut, plate and serve – another delicious pizza, ready for dinner!”

Don’t forget to read about how we (usually) make our own pizza dough. If you’re interested in getting an oven for your garden, take a look at some of our previous work or get in touch.