La Rustica Pizza Ovens

A Special Project for Gino D’Acampo!

When Gino D’Acampo asked me to build an oven in his garden, we knew it was going to be something a little different. Though, of course, different wasn’t an issue as we specialise in providing bespoke solutions for clients.

Gino and his wife Jessie needed something very specific and so to help us understand what was on his mind the celebrity chef was very quick to draw us a simple picture of what his thinking was…

We used Gino’s original drawing to create a computer mockup of how the idea would look. Gino was amazed – he loved how we could turn his “kid’s drawing” into a professionally designed concept of the finished product!
With the draft complete and approved we were ready to start work. With this project there were many differing elements requiring attention: the garden kitchen, the barbeque, granite worktops, a pergola-style roof, outdoor lights and the centrepiece – the oven itself.

Getting it Done

Each aspect of the project involved contracting to professionals within the specific fields. Quality of product was paramount, never-the-less we did not want to let Gino down and miss his deadlines.

From the initial meeting, and sketch, to Gino’s son, Luciano, helping to put those first pizzas in the oven, the project took fifteen working days. Gino, Jessie and the whole family were thrilled with the results and look forward to many a summer pizza event now! Gino was even kind enough to post a couple of messages on twitter for us – thank you Gino!