La Rustica Pizza Ovens

A Pizza Oven in Crowthorne, Berkshire

Update 2015 – A New Design for the Pizza Oven.

La Rustica came back to Berkshire to give this modular oven a fresh lease on life. Having seen a pitched-roof style in Italy, we took the original chimney and dome down and reworked the design, all the way from the terracota core. The result retains all the use and flexibility of the original, with a brand new aesthetic style – totally updated from the original!


A modular wood-fired pizza oven.

Our Berkshire pizza oven client was looking for something that would complement his garden space, and, as always, allow for great-tasting pizza (among other things) all year round.

Like all of our pizza ovens, this oven is handmade in Italy (this one was made in Tuscany) and has the benefit of being much easier to construct and reinforce. You can see the modular build in the photos below – the straw-like chimney can be repositioned during construction, allowing for a range of design possibilities.

The finished product took about ten working days from start to finish, also including an attached lumber cabinet with a specially-imported marble top. The oven has been finished with more light bricks – about a thousand all told (The same amount as our recent landscape wall, we think!) as well as a sandstone work surface. Once fired up, the oven is ready to go – great homemade pizzas await!